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Cannabis Facilities

Since 2018, Adelanto has benefited from approximately 2 million square feet of construction by the legal cannabis industry, with 458,843 square feet of development in 2022 alone. These developments led to over $4.5 million in revenue, exceeding expectations. Revenue generated by this industry helped close the deficit our City inherited from previous administrations and contributes to Adelanto’s economic sustainability. 2023 will see an expansion of services to our City’s commercial cannabis services, including a grant-funded program to reduce barriers for the legal market, integrative software that will allow direct online submissions for permitting and excise tax documentation, as well as a platform for business owners to view relevant industry updates and communicate directly with City staff online.

Tikun is one of the well-known cannabis facilities in Adelanto, which officially opened in 2019. Outfitted with world-class technologies, the facilities occupied 132,000-square-foot.

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