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Three retail projects are underway in Adelanto, California, each strategically positioned to capitalize on the region's growth and economic activity. Adelanto City Center, situated at the nexus of Highway 395 and Air Expressway, encompasses 60,000 square feet of retail space within a 48-acre mixed-use development. With easy access to Southern California's Logistical Airport and catering to a burgeoning population of over 110,000 within a 15-minute drive, the center aims to serve as a focal point for the community, offering retail, office, civic, hotel, medical, and senior living amenities. Adelanto Lewis Retail Center, located at the prominent intersection of Highway 395 and Mojave Drive, boasts prime frontage and caters to a trade area encompassing more than 140,000 residents and 32,000 daytime employees. Positioned in an area experiencing explosive growth, the center targets service-oriented retail, including quick-service restaurants and drive-thrus. Meanwhile, the Cactus & 395 Center, in its final stages of plan check, targets convenience and automotive services at the Southwest corner of Cactus Road and Highway 395, including a service station, car wash, retail spaces, restaurant with a drive-through, and a Tesla charging station.

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