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•   Community based financial institutions focused on financing for women, low-income borrows

•   Nonpayment Protection

•  EXIM export credit insurance provides payment coverage for both commercial and political risks (up to 95 percent). Local businesses can count on EXIM to protect their export sales to a single buyer or its entire foreign portfolio

•   Extend Credit

•    The insurance also empowers exporters to offer competitive “open account” terms to its buyers instead of requiring them to pay cash-in-advance, use credit cards, or secure letters of credit.

•   Working Capital

•    An EXIM guaranteed credit line provides the vital funds local businesses need to fulfill their new sales orders. These funds can be used to purchase finished products, raw materials, and equipment as well as cover labor and overhead costs. This credit line may even cover standby letters of credit used as performance or bid bonds.

•    Term Financing

•    EXIM’s 100 percent loan guarantees give lenders the assurance to provide loans to foreign buyers. With this support, the buyer can typically obtain lower interest rates and longer repayment terms to buy U.S. capital goods and services.


Sandra Donzella
Deputy Managing Director–Western Regional Office

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