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Eligibility Requirements

•   Eligibility Requirements: Applicants to the FPIP are limited to food processing facilities located in California. The applicant must own or operate one or more food processing facilities that are the site for the proposed equipment retrofit project.

•    For the purpose of the FPIP, food processing facilities are those defined by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes 311 (Food Manufacturing) and 3121 (Beverage manufacturing)

Eligibility Guidelines

•    Proposed project must be located at a food processing facility in California;

•    Proposed project will increase the energy efficiency of, or provide renewable energy to, the food processing activities;

•    Proposed project must be designed to achieve significant GHG emission reductions as defined in the grant solicitation;

•    Applicant must meet all eligibility and other criteria specified in the grant solicitation.


•    Eligibility to provide heavier emphasis on food processer facilities that are subject to Cap-and- Trade emissions limits such as those that emit more than 25,000 metric tons annually and/or to food processor facilities that provide direct benefits to disadvantaged communities as identified in AB 1550


Cyrus Ghandi
California Energy Commission

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